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Title: Got ID?
Post by: Pete Bog on January 28, 2020, 03:09:39 PM
     The Topic "Virginia" in General Discussion started out as an observation about the gun laws and protests of same in Virginia.
It's a good topic, but it kind of drifted to a discussion about identification policies. That drift happens naturally just as it would in a normal conversation, and that's what I like about this forum. However, I would like to take the conversation a little further off track and thought maybe I should start a new topic.
     I may have told this story before. That happens now and then as I get older  :).
     A couple years ago, a nephews house started on fire. They lived in a split level home and had just finished watching a movie downstairs. The eldest son went upstairs to get ready for bed. As he cleared the top of the stairs he yelled back down, "FIRE! The house is on FIRE!" He was just able to make it outdoors. The rest of the family is still downstairs and they scrambled out the lower level windows with nothing but their pajamas on. They barely made it.
     The house was a total loss and they were unable to salvage anything. No one was hurt, but they were left barefoot with pajamas. I don't remember if the car was in the garage or out in the street, regardless, they had no keys for it.
      So what to do? They spent the night with neighbors, borrowed some clothes and tried to get back on track. The biggest problem? NO ID. Can't get money out of the bank. Can't rent a hotel room. Can't accept wired money because they have no ID. Family has to actually drive 300 miles to hand deliver cash for living expenses. They moved to the big city for the job opportunities, but the personal touch was not there. Gotta have the paperwork to make things happen in the metro areas. 
     That brought up a couple of questions. How well do you know your banker? Your insurance agent? Will they recognize you and get things rolling without a physical ID?
     I like to think I'm smart enough to learn from other peoples mistakes. (I know it's not always true, but I like to think that.) I thought I should have a spare set of keys and a spare ID hidden away somewhere out of the house. The keys were easy. The spare ID was not.
      I went to my DMV for an ID card. Was told that because I had a drivers license, they could not issue me an ID card. Even if it was a non-driver ID.
     My nephew was lucky he lived in a suburban area in one aspect. Streaking barefoot through the snow to the neighbors was no big deal. Without a backup plan, I'd be dead before I ever made it . It's to far.
     How about you. If you, through some circumstance, were left nearly naked and alone, would you get back on your feet the next morning or be left at the mercy of others? Do you have a different solution? Do you think a photo copy of a Drivers License would suffice?
     I was thinking about those people down in Alabama this weekend that were awakened in the middle of the night and the marina is on fire. Over 30 houseboats destroyed, multiple deaths.

     What is your plan if you wake up wet, homeless and darn near naked?
Title: Re: Got ID?
Post by: wsdstan on January 28, 2020, 03:50:03 PM
I don't know where your relatives live or if your information on what they could and could not do is first hand or what you were told.  I lived in large cities and now in a rural area ten miles from a small town and in both locations I had no problems when my ID was lost, destroyed, or unavailable.

First your bank will not refuse to give you money if you have an account there and have no DL or other ID.  They have plenty of ways to verify your ID, one of which asking you a bunch of questions that you would know the answer to.  SSN, address, place of work or occupation, etc.  The DMV has in their files all the information they need to issue you a DL when yours is lost.  They have your photo.  Issuing a lost or destroyed license should take less time than waiting in line to do it.  In this case we will assume you have the Gold Star license.  The other may produce issues.

I know of no local agent who doesn't know his customers.  In my case I have insurance with an online insuror and when I have a claim they just process it, come and visit the damage, and have it fixed.  Never showed them anything in the way of ID except giving them DL and SSN numbers when I bought coverage.   

As far as what you need to make recovering from a disaster easier there are a few simple things.  Your DL number, your SSN, copies of your important documents like insurance policies, birth certificates, marriage license, credit card numbers, bank accounts, deeds and titles to property, and a back up of your important computer files no more than a month old, and anything else you can think of.  You keep this stuff in a safety deposit box at your bank.


Title: Re: Got ID?
Post by: Pete Bog on January 28, 2020, 09:05:20 PM
      Story received from the sister. She's the one that had to go down there to deliver some cash. I didn't think her story would get to convoluted.
      The nephew is an architect in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area. Kind of one of those "Professional" occupations like a doctor, dentist, lawyer types.  If he can't get any quick cooperation, what chance does a ding dong like me have?
      I do business with 2 banks. One I visit once or twice a month  and one I have not stepped foot in for 2 or 3  years. The trouble with a small town is everybody knows your business. The radio station, newspaper and fraternal organizations all publish happy birthday wishes each year, occupation, address and phone number are in the phone book. Not to hard to find. It's just little more than a pamphlet.
I seriously doubt the bank that has not seen me in several years will part with cash with no ID. The other bank would probably part with enough for a couple days expenses if the management that knows me is there. The younger tellers would be of little help. They have a high turn over rate like they do at most banks. They keep getting pregnant. ( Don't know how that happens  :shrug:   )   
     The DMV? One clerk ain't to bad, but the other is an ------- extraordinaire. I would expect no cooperation from that one. I can hear them now. "Oh, I don't know. We'll have to clear that with the main office at the state capitol. It could take a couple days."  Two days later, "Oh the person we need to talk to is at a conference, he won't be back until next week, Sorry." Yeah, it's that kind of an organization. I could be wrong, but I hold no faith in them. Oh, and they are closed the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Don't have a problem on those days either.   
     It's funny you should mention safe deposit boxes. I have a source that works in the banking industry, for one of the oldest banks in the state. The last time we got together, we were talking about that very subject.  He said there was a waiting line for safe deposit boxes. New banks don't want to put them in and only older people like you and I are using them. Go to one of the newer branch banks for a nationwide chain and you probably will not find a box in the building. Just the way business is done now. Come to think of it, the safe deposit boxes in my bank are in a room about 12 feet long with boxes lining the two sides up to a height of about 6 feet. There can be no more than 500 boxes in there, max. Not nearly enough to provide for every family in the service area.  Oh! Crap! The safe deposit key is in the ashes of the house somewhere. Oh well, I'll just pay to have the lock drilled. Jeez they're high priced! The locksmith can make it over tomorrow morning.  :D
     My insurance agent? Haven't seen him in years. I send him money, he sends me a policy and holiday greeting cards every year. The front office girl kind of knows me. I stopped in after the first of the year to see if they were giving away those nifty calendars I like (They were) and I had to jog her memory with a little chit chat to remind her who I was. When I had a shop fire in '08, an adjuster was sent out. He wrote a check for five thousand and said he would be back. Two months and many phone calls later we got to see him again. He said the Mississippi flooding that spring had taken all the manpower away. Yeah, that's the kind of luck I have with insurance companies and I don't think I'm alone.
     Bottom line Stan, I think you have to take care of yourself. If my house burns on a Saturday night, nothing happens until Monday morning. Until then I have no ID, no safe deposit box key, no cell phone, no car keys, no cash, no credit cards, no meds. Prostate plugged up, blood pressure maxed out.  Electricity is gone, killed by the power company at the fire departments request. So, no well pump, poor sleep without CPAP, no shower, no pooper, Land line is gone, internet is gone, no TV, no radio, no heat, no lights. Rural living far from civilization sure is fun.
      If I didn't have backup in place, I'd be cold, hungry and cranky. Shoot- - - - - I'm a cranky old man now, can you imagine what I'd be like after a stop at the DMV? Michael Douglas in "Falling Down" comes to mind. OOPS, all the weapons are gone too. I can't even through a good temper tantrum!          :lol: :banana:
    So, as a thought experiment/exercise. How do you come out  after a devastating loss? Good / fair, but damaged / badly damaged, having to start over from scratch. 
Title: Re: Got ID?
Post by: wsdstan on January 28, 2020, 10:21:22 PM
In my case the fair but damaged would be about right.

You are wrong, in my opinion, on the banks.  The comment about a couple of days cash is all they would give you is wrong.  They will give you the balance in your account if you want it.   The DMV has a set procedure for a lost drivers license if it has gone through the Gold Star process.  No clerk can circumvent it.  The bottom line is simply you will come out okay if you tend to your backups being in place.  If you cannot rent a safety deposit box then store it with a trusted relative or friend who doesn't live next door to your burning house.  Store it in a locked small safe and give it to them to keep.  Open it and show them what is in it so they will know there is no money to get if you are worried about their honesty.

Anyway, you will survive, because that is what we do.