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Inflatable Kayak
« on: November 26, 2016, 01:36:04 PM »
Back in September, I purchased a Sea Eagle 370 inflatable (the "pro package") as a birthday gift for my mother. She had always wanted a boat of some sort, but was hesitant to acquire a standard rigid craft because we live in a relatively small house with little extra room. Plus, her 11 year-old SUV doesn't have a roof-rack or any means of transporting a rigid kayak or canoe without going out of the way to spend up to $400 on the necessary accessories. The solution? An inflatable, which can be packed loose in the trunk, and then later inflated in short order. The Sea Eagle was the best value I could find for a "tandem" watercraft, and considering the numerous positive online reviews as well as material construction of the hull, I decided it would be an ideal, it is light enough for her to carry. :)

Last Saturday, we set out to Lake Kenosia, one of the few places in the area which is easily accessible, but isn't crowded with loud motorboats. In fact, the lake is off-limits to motorboats with internal combustion engines as regulated by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. And despite being situated near a very busy road, it is relatively peaceful and quiet out on the water. We were pleasantly surprised to find no one else on the lake.

The weather was perfect....clear, bright skies, with a temperature of about 55 F accompanied by a gentle breeze. As you can tell, this body of water is far from a sparkling oasis off in a remote area. Such places are few and far between in this state....and most of the ones that do exist are on private land owned by millionaires.

That said, our visit was pleasant enough, and there were still a few Weeping Willows dressed in golden shawls along the shore.

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Re: Inflatable Kayak
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2016, 02:25:04 PM »
What a great and thoughtful gift. Great pics. Thank you
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