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Kracs at Indian Lake

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Moe M.:

--- Quote from: madmax on April 26, 2019, 05:59:10 AM ---     Yeah,  you and I have talked about this around the campfire.  I didn't carry everywhere out there, just where I felt sketchy... until the night of the crazy lady.  Now I (we) always carry.  Kelly loves her carry gun and the DeSantis leather paddle holster so it's not a burden.  She walks Max on some woodsy trails close to town.  I feel a lot better now that she's armed.  There are definitely meth heads and crazies in and around the Silver Springs conservation areas she likes.  She still gauges the people and vehicles there and if there are any and she just goes somewhere else if her red flags go up.  She was walking in the frisbee park one evening and spotted some nut in a tree over the trail.  They should bulldoze those old nasty "long term" rental motels in that town. And those trailer parks.  Nothing but a bunch of tweekers now.

      What a shame.  That was a nice town back when.

--- End quote ---

Max, what did Kelly finally settle on for a carry gun ?

She made a fine choice.  S&W 38 Special.  Ladysmith.

pistol packing mama

Beautiful place..

Great choice on her pistol Tony.


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