Author Topic: Again with the politics...  (Read 271 times)

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Again with the politics...
« on: May 06, 2021, 02:52:09 AM »
Please, I entreat with you all to keep political discussion off of the forum.  I have never seen our country more divided, and we aren't going to get back to normal, or find a new normal that isn't untenable if we can't find it within ourselves to stop looking at literally everything through the lens of politics.

I am locking this topic from discussion because any replies would be... discussing politics.

I want to encourage the "around the campfire" style of anything goes discussion here.  But in today's hyper divisive political environment, we are playing with fire when we have those sort of discussions.

There are numerous social media sites and forums dedicated to politics that would be much more appropriate for that type of thing.  Let's keep it off the B&B forum.  Political discussion draws flies.  Remember your history, and think of the lengths people have gone to in the past to squash dissent.  And also consider everyone's motives before engaging in a political debate (anywhere else but here).